Jardel Rodrigues

Sewer Side Love

I want to knock on your door

Just to ask you why its always closed ..

And peer through your peephole to check your not dead yet..

Your nervousness makes me shaky,

I can show you rope burn on the neck of my uncle’s corpse to remind you –

were all a little bit crazy,

In case you’ve forgotten, how to breathe right,

I heard you once wrote your name in sand by the sea side,

And been tryna wait for it to come back,

In the meantime, I’m just gonna stare…

Were you aware that you are wearing war beneath your eyes, making

battlefields look like catwalks –

I can sleep with you in the trenches that your father forgot to fill,

Your silence is the Ave Maria and your name is my eulogy I could bury myself

in you,

If you are sin then I am eve I want to get married in black,

We can honeymoon in Hiroshima,

My eyes were two limping homeless men frantically scavenging the room for

warmth until they found shelter beneath the refuge of you,

And now – I am merely a trembling wretch frozen in the headlights of your


And The Mayan calendar ended the moment you told me your name…

Queen Rowena.

The temptress who wears a tempest for a head dress

For you-

I would bench press the earth, just so you could use both the sides of my

broken spine as crutches,

Should you ever need them, or want them?

Or hate me…

I am a religious reader of your lips, I will blindly follow the scripture down to

the last letter they ever may speak,

And die a martyr for your un-just cause like ugly love’s ronin in the act of


Like ghosts that haunt the halls of the old family home –

we have been here before and can promise to each other it will not be simple

Leave here assured one of us must die slow,

And I’ve got feelings, I know who it will be,

Blindfolded at the seat of your mothers dining room table we can play Russian


You bet nothing, I will wager everything I own,

My home –

the clothes on my back

And gladly kiss the bullet if it is you who pulls the trigger…